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It is a class of almost an hour created for beginners and self-taught in which I will explain:

  • What guitar to buy
  • What styles can you play
  • Methods to improve faster
  • And much more


Guitar classes... a TU ritmo
Guitar teacher in Barcelona

I have got more than 15 years of experience teaching classes. (Cuento con más de 10 años….). I personalize my classes according to the preferences and needs of the student, by using different methodologies and proven tools to achieve the objectives set by my students. So I invite you to contact me and discover that YOU can also play the guitar.

From my point of view, to learn how to play an instrument there are four big factors to consider:

  • Knowledge of the instrument and music in general. In this section we will get into the concepts of harmony, composition and musical language ( Rhythm training, auditory training, etc…).
  • Technical level. Technical level is basically the practice with the instrument, being able to play chords, scales, etc…
  • Talent and the ability to work hard. Talent exists, the clearest proof of it is being able to see children on YouTube playing any instrument in a spectacular way, while hardly showing any sort of struggle by doing so. The good news is that talent is not black or white, in music there are many factors in which we can possess more or less talent. The key is to compensate with hard work where talent is not enough.
  • Motivation. For me, this part is very important, I think that music is very extensive and each person likes different things. That is why I offer several options in the classes, so that each person enjoys learning with the music they like.

My lessons are based on these four great pillars, from them I offer different lines of learning:

  • Personalized classes: Through a personal interview we form a personalized study program taking into account the student's musical tastes, goals, rhythm and preferences, from playing and singing your favorite songs, playing concert pieces, mastering that solo that you love or getting ready for the stage. It is the type of classes that students tend to prefer, because you have a professional guitarist at your service to help you achieve your goals with the guitar.
  • Group classes: These classes are focused on people starting from scratch, beginners and intermediate level. They are organized in three levels, and are designed in such a way that the vast majorities are independent of each other, but together they form a good study program. At level 1 we see basic things, such as rhythms, arpeggios, reading of tablatures and staff, chord change, some song easy to play, etc ..., at level 2 we begin to play songs applying the knowledge of level 1 and adding some technique a little more advanced. In level 3 we go through different styles such as Rock, pop, metal, funk, flamenco, classical, bossa, jazz, etc. They are classes that I organize through a group in Whatsapp, where every week I inform the group about which classes in particular I will teach and schedules. They do not have any type of permanence, they last one hour and the price is 13 euros.
  • Youtube:One of my goals is to be able to teach everyone who wants to learn, obviously if you can afford to take classes it will always be better, but if you can't, I put at your disposal my YouTube channel, where I will upload express tutorials, which are short videos focused on learning something in particular, and more worked tutorials with different songs, especially those of the moment. It's totally free, all you have to do is subscribe through this link: Canal Youtube

Reviews about me

I am one of the best rated teachers in the guitar specialty on the leading web portal for private lessons in Barcelona, where more than 150.000 teachers of all the subjects are advertised. I leave a link below so you can see the opinions of my students and former students.

Clases particulares de Guitarra en Barcelona

If you want to know more about me, I leave a link to an interview that the team of Pronto pro did with me: SEE INTERVIEW

What my students say

In addition to the reviews written in your private classes and google maps, I have been fortunate that some of my students have bothered to make a video explaining their experience with me, for which I am very grateful.


Personalized guitar lessons in person or via Skype (1 PERSON)
30 min/week 45 min/week 60 min/week
55 €/month 80 €/month 100 €/month

Group guitar lessons 13 €/h

Sporadic classes
60 min
Sporadic classes 30€

Video tutorials on Youtube. Visit my channel here: View channel FREE

Guitar lessons

I also teach classes for kids of any age using a method that I work with in art workshops.

Guitar lessons

Above all, I am specialized in students who are starting from scratch or who have a few years of experience with the guitar, although I teach all levels.

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Gran Vía Corts Catalanes, 976
08018 Barcelona
(Between the neighborhoods of Sant Martí, Glories, Poble nou and Clot)

690 32 50 97

Monday to Friday:
10.00 to 15.00 and 16.00 to 22.00